Living Your Strengths

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This is the religious spinoff of Clifton's first coauthored bestseller, Now, Discover Your Strengths, which was aimed more squarely at the business world. The principles in both books are the same: individuals will be happier and more successful if they build on their strengths, rather than focusing on overcoming their weaknesses. The authors call for a "strengths revolution" in churches that will allow more congregants to feel they contribute by doing what they do best. If congregational leaders can identify members' strengths and assign tasks in harmony with those traits, they will enjoy a greater sense of connection to and satisfaction with their religious communities—something the authors suggest is in short supply. It is a simple message fleshed out by an inventory of 34 possible "signature themes." Readers can determine their own top five signature themes by using an ID code (unique to each book copy) to take an online personality test developed by the Gallup Organization. The authors' "theology of strengths" refers to Paul's sermon on "the body of Christ" (1 Corinthians) and Christ's parable of the talents, among other biblical passages. This is an action-oriented book, and taking the test will give readers a personal hook. It should appeal to religious book groups as well as individuals and church leaders.